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tocris logo5Tocris has over 30 years industry-leading experience, supplying high quality small molecules and peptides for neuroscience research.  Recently, Tocris announced the release of some new Chemogenetic tools for Neuroscience research - PSEMs, pharmacologically selective effector molecules.

Follow the below link to learn more about these and other Chemogenetic tools available from Tocris, and keep reading to download a new Chemogenetics research bulletin from Tocris, and a new Poster from Novus Biologicals on Astrocyte development and function.

Have you seen the New Chemogenetics Research Bulletin?

Chemogenetic newsletterThe new chemogenetics research bulletin provides an introduction to chemogenetic methods to manipulate neuronal activity. Download this new research bulletin from the Tocris website now!

Key Topics include:

  • Introduction to Chemogenetics
  • History and Development of Chemogenetics
  • Uses of Chemogenetic Compounds in Research
  • Life Science Literature from Tocris
  • Chemogenetic Compounds Available from Tocris

New Poster on Astrocyte Development & Function

This new poster from Novus Biologicals explores the most current findings on astrocytes' development. 

PS glial development web smCreated in collaboration with Benjamin Deneen, PhD., Debosmita Sardar, PhD., and Yi-Ting Cheng, MS., at the Baylor College of Medicine, this new poster explores the most current findings on astrocytes’ development, subtype diversity, CNS function and role in disease. 

Download it now!