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‚ú® Meet Milo ‚ú®

Milo is the world’s first Single Cell Western blotting platform that measures protein expression in approximately 1000 single cells per run using conventional Western blot antibodies.Simply load your cell suspension...

14.12.2023 | Posted in Blogs;

‚ú® Meet Maurice! ‚ú®

Maurice is a workhorse station for purity, identity and heterogeneity analysis. He can deliver¬ cIEF¬ and CE-SDS data¬ for a variety of biotherapeutics such as¬ mAbs, ADCs, vaccines or virus-like particles.

30.11.2023 | Posted in Blogs;

Corning EcoChoice products

This means that all product sustainability statements are specific, evidence-based, and traceable.Learn more about Corning EcoChoice:¬

17.10.2023 | Posted in Blogs;
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