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Cancer Main Panel


Cancer is a complex disease involving abnormal cell growth arising from changes in genetics, cell, and tissue biology.  

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Immunology Main Panel


Discover our Immunology, Research and Cell types resources.  

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Neuroscience Main Panel


Discover our Neuroscience Resources.  

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Spatial Biology Main Panel

Spatial Biology

At In Vitro Technologies, we understand the importance of unravelling the mysteries hidden within the spatial organization of biological systems.  

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Cell Gene Therapy Main Panel

Cell and Gene Therapy

Your partner in the journey to get your therapy to market. Revolutionary cell and gene therapies offer significant promise to treat life threatening diseases.  

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Bioprocess Main Panel


Our innovative Bioprocessing solutions help to accelerate biological manufacturing processes within upstream and downstream workflows. 

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Drug Discovery Main Panel

Drug Discovery

Label-free technology to detect discrete changes in cell bioenergetics in real-time, providing a window into the cellular behavior driving cell signalling, proliferation, activation, toxicity, and biosynthesis.

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Molecular Main Panel


innovative, high quality products that will speed up your molecular workflow, without compromising on reproducibility.  

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