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How do you ensure robust, reliable, and reproducible results?

Four Fundamentals of Immunoassay Quality:

1. Spike Recovery
Measurement of accuracy
- Our assays are optimized for recovery at three different spike concentrations (low, mid, high) for every validated sample type.

2. Linearity of Dilution
Measure of accuracy with diluted samples
- All sample types are optimized for linear dilutions through the standard curve range.

3. Specificity
Confidence in a negative test result
- In-house antibodies are carefully optimized to avoid cross-reactivity with substances in the sample.
- Antibody pairs are exhaustively tested against related epitopes to ensure analyte specificity.

4. Consistency
Reproducibility of a method measures precision
- Guaranteed lot-to-lot consistency enabling long term research studies.
- Extensive QC testing performed on every kit to make sure standard curves, background, and sample values remain consistent.

Explore our Immunoassay Quality page here:

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