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Micronic Starter Packs contain everything needed to start using 2D coded sample storage tubes, enabling laboratory workers to maintain a secure sample logistics system and eliminate the costly possibility of false sample identities.

Since the amount of stored samples differs by the extent of automation and laboratory applications, Micronic offers the Starter Packs in a range of configurations and sizes: Basic, Standard, Advanced, Premium and Premium+.

- Enables labs to start storing and sealing up to 4,000 samples
- Available with 0.75ml, 1.40ml (96-format), 1.00ml, 4.00ml (48-format)
- 3.00ml or 3.50ml (24-format) tubes
- Ideal and convenient to different lab sizes and needs
- Certified Class 7 clean room production
- DNase/RNase and Pyrogene free

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