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An antibody is a Y shaped protein that is produced in the immune system and is designed to target a specific protein or molecule. Due to the highly specific nature of antibodies, they can be used as powerful tools for research.

R&D Systems and Novus Biologicals offer a wide range of antibodies to cytokines, adhesion molecules, proteases, neurotrophic factors, stem cell factors, signal transduction molecules, and developmental proteins. Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are available with multiple labeled options or unlabeled.

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Over the years a variety of techniques and applications have been developed using antibodies. These include Immunoassays, Flow Cytometry, Immunohistochemistry, Western blotting and more.

The following protocols and troubleshooting guides developed by Bio-Techne sister companies R&D Systems and Novus Biologicals can help guide you through the process of successful design and optimisation of your experiments.

5 Pillar Validation - Antibodies you can Trust

Antibodies are essential tools for biomedical research as they allow researchers to identify specific proteins or molecules. Our catalogue of over 425,000 antibodies from our R&D Systems™ and Novus Biologicals™ brands have been validated for specificity and reproducibility in over 25 species for more than 15 applications, ensuring that you will find one for your research needs.

Bio-Techne validates our antibodies using genetic strategy validation from the 5 pillars of antibody validation as recommended by IWGAV.

Bio-Techne has always been at the forefront of validation testing. Our R&D Systems brand has been the leading antibody manufacturer for the past 30 years, using the best production standards and quality control specifications in the industry to develop antibodies scientists trust to exhibit high specificity and perform consistently every time. In addition to our established validation procedures, we also implement the 5 Pillars of Antibody Validation.

Biological Strategies Validation

Antibody specificity is validated by assessing protein detection in a range of biological samples, including different species and negative and positive expressing cells, to ensure there is no crossreactivity with off-target proteins.

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Genetic Strategy Validation

Antibody specificity is validated by examining expression of the target protein before and after knockdown or knockout using siRNA/shRNA or CRISPR/CAS9.


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Orthogonal Validation

Antibody specificity is validated by comparing expression of the target protein as detected with antibodies and with an antibody independent strategy, such as in situ hybridization, mass spectrometry, RNA-seq or quantitative PCR.


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Independent Antibody Validation

Antibody selectivity is examined by comparing expression data from several antibodies that target the protein-of-interest. Ideally, antibodies that recognize different epitopes of the protein are used.


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Expression of Tagged Proteins Validation

Antibody specificity is validated by comparing the expression of an epitope tagged protein, typically by western blot and/or immunocytochemistry, using an antibody for the protein and an anti-tag antibody.


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Biological Strategies Validation

Antibody specificity is validated by assessing protein detection in a range of biological samples, including different species and negative and positive expressing cells, to ensure there is no cross-reactivity with off-target proteins.

Why Scientists trust Biotechne

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Product Transparency

Detailed information about
our antibodies are included
on our datasheets and website:
• Source
• Immunogen
• Purification
• Specificity
• Cross-reactivity
• Endotoxin level and
• Validated applications.

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Expert Technical Support

Award-winning, most
knowledgeable technical
support team in the industry.

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100% Guarantee

Bio-Techne stands by our
antibody reproducibility
with a 100% Guarantee that
our antibodies will work in
the validated species and
applications on our datasheets
and website.

Your complete solution for Antibodies

In Vitro Technologies offers your complete Antibody solution. Together, Bio-Techne offers the largest selection of antibodies on the market.

Choosing quality reagents that will lead to results you can trust is one of the most critical aspects of scientific research.  Learn more about the Bio-Techne approach to antibody reproducibility, with antibody design and testing tips to help validate your antibodies and ensure the reproducibility of your data.

We have 1000's of antibodies available contact us and we'll help you select the right one  

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Lessons from 30 Years in Antibody Validation and Reproducibility. 

Antibody Guarantee
We guarantee that every antibody we sell will work in the application and species listed.

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Risk-free Testing
Try a primary antibody from Novus Biologicals in an untested species or application without the financial risk of failure.

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