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plasticwareA wide range of plasticware is available to support 2D and 3D cell culture. These include a range of vessel formats, surfaces and liquid handling solutions.

Corning offers a wide variety of surface chemistries and attachment factors appropriate for a broad range of applications. The surface of Falcon Cultureware is rendered permanently hydrophilic via a unique vacuum-gas plasma tissue culture treatment process. The treatment process is produced in a closed, highly controlled environment ensuring a consistent treatment surface.

Compounds that affect cellular digestion and migration through basement membranes are of great interest because of their importance during embryonic development, wound healing, immune responses, angiogenesis, and metastasis. The ability to reconstitute basement membranes in vitro has allowed for the  development of assays that mimic cell invasion. The Cultrex Cell Invasion Assay Kits offered by R&D Systems can be used to rapidly screen for compounds that affect the migration of cells through different extracellular matrix components. The degree of cell invasion in response to chemoattractants or inhibitors can be readily quantified and compared.

Corning Biocoat surface options are ideal for enhanced cell attachment and growth of a variety of primary cells and transformed cell lines in serum-free or serum-containing cultures.