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Uncover the spatial biology dimension with confidence.

At In Vitro Technologies, we understand the importance of unravelling the mysteries hidden within the spatial organization of biological systems. Together with Bio-techne, we offer cutting-edge spatial biology solutions that empower researchers, clinicians, and innovators to gain unprecedented insights into the complex architecture of tissues, paving the way for ground-breaking discoveries and applications.

spatial biology RNAscope Assay

RNAscope Assay

RNA expression like you’ve never seen before. Detect mRNA and ncRNA targets of >300bp

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spatial biology BaseScope Assay

BaseScope Assay

Enables the specific detection of exon junctions, short target/splice variants highly homologous sequences and point mutations

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spatial biology COMET System

COMET system

Launching soon!
Unmatched hyperplex throughput with walk-away automation

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miRNAScope Assay spatial biology

miRNAscope assay

Push Boundaries with The New Breakthrough Technology for ASO, miRNA, and siRNA Detection

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DNAScope Assay

DNAscope Assay

Accurate and reliable detection of DNA copy number and structural variations

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spatial biology RNA Protein Co Detection Assay

RNA-Protein Co-Detection Assay

RNA - protein co-detection with Imaging Mass Cytometry and RNAscope assay

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