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In Vitro Technologies is the premier supplier for cell biology and immunology research throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our mission is to accelerate discovery into groundbreaking Australian research. We strive to support scientific research by providing world-leading products and extensive applications support to aid in the generation of fast, high quality, reproducible data, allowing high impact publications.

Our Life Science team all come from strong scientific backgrounds, have a wealth of industry experience and are passionate about helping scientists achieve reproducible results. 


In Vitro Technologies has partnered with world-class suppliers to bring the best scientific equipment and consumables to the Australian and New Zealand Market. Our range of cells, consumables, reagents and laboratory equipment support cell biology workflows in the fields of Cancer, Neuroscience, Immunology, Diabetes & Obesity, Cardiology, Pharmacology, and Drug Discovery.

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You can view the current employment opportunities on Seek at In Vitro Technologies by clicking on the button below.


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