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Development of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is the most effective way to prevent future infections.
The urgency for such a remedy is driving research into available approaches for vaccine development. 

TcBUSTER: fast and flexible stable cell line development for vaccine production

B MOGEN Biotechnologies Genome EngineeringStable expression cell-based systems can offer a faster and more reliable strategy for vaccine production. Novel production systems using mammalian or insect cell cultures will be needed to overcome the limitations of current stable cell line systems in order to produce large amounts of vaccine as quickly as possible.

TcBusterTM, the transposon gene-editing system from Bio-Techne’s B-MoGen brand, can accelerate the development and production of your protein subunit or virus-like particle vaccine by giving you a stable cell population in as little as three weeks, and clonal cultures in six weeks. The generation of stable over-expressing cell lines using our system offers several advantages:

  • A faster, stable cell line generation than when using virus-mediated, CRISPR and plasmid systems alone
  • Stable integration of multiple transgenes in one transfection
  • Higher protein-producing clones compared to stable cells created by site-specific integration
  • A high integration rate that facilitates identification of a high producing clone
  • Sizable protein yields produced from mammalian, chicken and insect cell lines

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Fill and Finish System for development and testing of vaccine candidates

Are you working on COVID-19 vaccines or treatments but not sure how to package, scale-up, or distribute your therapy? We may be able to help, talk to us!

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Custom Services

Molecule animation SMWe understand everyone’s research is unique.
If you cannot find the right tools for your vaccine development needs, please contact our team at

STAT1 knockout cell lines

ATCC Pic VaccineUsing CRISPR/CAS9 gene-editing technology, we developed STST1 knockout cell lines capable of producing high-titer viral stocks. Explore the use of these models in your vaccine research.

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New Publication alert

This publication cites R&D Systems Ace2 polyclonal antibody as showing the capacity to block Novel Coronavirus virus entry.  
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> Find out more about the Ace2 polyclonal antibody

Corning Microcarriers simplify the scale-up process

The beads arrive sterile, ready-to-use, with available closed systems packaging for use with bioreactors. In addition, the microcarriers are available with surface treatments to enhance cell attachment and maximize cell yield and viability.


  • USP Class VI polystyrene material provides a consistent platform
  • Available untreated or with four different surface treatments (see table below)
  • Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6
  • Nonpyrogenic
  • Large sizes available with closed systems packaging

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Coronavirus Research Resources

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Together, we can discover the tools needed to contain the spread of this pathogen.

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