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Developing new drugs that are safe and effective is both time-consuming and costly. However, repurposing existing drugs, also known as drug repositioning, is a strategy that may enable a more rapid response to infectious disease outbreaks. 

These resources feature innovative Drug Repurposing tools for COVID-19 research.

The Tocriscreen Compound Library

The Tocriscreen Library of FDA-Approved Drugs (Tocris, Catalog # 7200) offers 190 FDA-approved compounds supplied pre-dissolved in DMSO. This library of compounds is ideal for screening assays for drug repurposing. Since the efficacy and safety of FDA approved drugs have been established, the amount of time required to bring a repurposed drug to the market may be dramatically reduced.

Therapeutic classification of 190 FDA approved c

Libraries of bioactive compounds can also be screened with the aim of developing a novel therapeutic against COVID-19. Tocris offers a library of 1280 fully annotated compounds for screening and identifying compounds that could target SARS-CoV-2. The Tocriscreen 2.0 compound library, which has very little overlap with other libraries on the market, is available in 3 formats.

(CATALOG # 7152)
2.0 MINI 
(CATALOG # 7151)
2.0 MAX
(CATALOG # 7150)
#. of Compounds 1280 1280 1280
Volume 15 μL 50 μL 250 μL
Solution Format 10 mM DMSO 10 mM DMSO 10 mM DMSO
Seal Peelable foil seal SepraSeal Cap SepraSeal Cap
Storage Format 96-well, v-bottom microplate 96-well racks with Matrix™ storage tubes 96-well racks with Matrix storage tubes
Storage Temperature -20°C -20°C -20°C
Stability (for at least) 6 months, prior to opening 6 months 6 months


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Coronavirus strains and propagations hosts

Heat inactivated SARS CoV 2To test antiviral compounds, researchers need access to virus isolates. To support this need, ATCC provides viral strains and propagation hosts. However, during the outbreak of a novel virus like SARS-CoV-2, it can be challenging to determine which propagation host is ideal for successful viral replication. In a recent study by Harcourt J, et al., it was discovered that SARS-CoV-2 can replicate to a high titer in Vero CCL-81 and Vero E6 cells in the absence of trypsin. These cell lines and the media needed to cultivate them are available at ATCC—explore our collection today.

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Custom Services

Molecule animation SMWe understand everyone’s research is unique.
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Agilent Microplates and Seahorse Bioanalyser

To facilitate your liquid handling requirements in drug discovery workflow, Agilent offers a wide range of microplates including storage, assay, reservoir, and filter microplates.

Storage assay plate Agilent 204249 100 1600 Reservoir Plates Agilent 201596 100 1600 Filter Plates Accessories Agilent
Storage & Assay Plates

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New Publication alert

This publication cites R&D Systems Ace2 polyclonal antibody as showing the capacity to block Novel Coronavirus virus entry.  
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Coronavirus Research Resources

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Together, we can discover the tools needed to contain the spread of this pathogen.

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