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We are very pleased to announce that Polyplus-transfection® SA, has trusted In Vitro Technologies as their new exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

Located close to the University of Strasbourg in France, Polyplus-transfection® SA is a biotechnology company that develops and sells innovative, high efficiency transfection reagents for the delivery of nucleic acids in research, bioproduction and therapeutics. Polyplus-transfection® technologies portfolio includes:

  • jetPRIME®: DNA/siRNA transfection reagents for life science research.
  • jetCRISPR™: Specialist transfection for CRISPR Cas-9 RNP Applications
  • FectoPRO®: Transfection solution for large scale transient protein production
  • FectoCHO™ Expression system: Transient protein expression system for CHO cells
  • PEIpro® and PEIpro®-HQ: transfection for large scale and therapeutic virus production
  • in vivo-jetPEI®: Nucleic acid delivery reagent, from R&D to Clinical Trials

Enabling scientists to develop breakthrough therapies to improve human health, Polyplus-transfection® has rapidly become a key provider of transfection reagents worldwide. A history of innovation, focus on clinical and translational product development, and extensive applications support, Polyplus-transfection® provide Life Science researchers around the world with gold standard products and services to enable them to stay at the forefront in research, gene therapy and bioproduction.

At In Vitro Technologies, we pride ourselves on ensuring the accuracy and reproducibility of your scientific results. The addition of Polyplus-transfection® strengthens our existing portfolio of premium cell culture brands, which includes ATCC, GE HyClone, Moregate, Corning/Falcon, R&D Systems, Infors-HT and NuAire. By providing a complete workflow for cell culture, we are now, more than ever in a position to supply all your cell culture needs and accelerate your cell biology research.

Together both Polyplus-transfection® and In Vitro Technologies look forward to providing our customers with high efficiency transfection reagents that ensure high quality, reproducible results.

For all technical enquiries or for further information on the best transfection solution for your specific applications, please contact our National Product Manager, Carlo Natividad on +61 437 839 387, our customer care team on 1300 552 003 or via email