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Our end to end solutions, high quality products and unrivaled services are here to support you at every step of the way, from gene therapy research and beyond.

Accelerate your AAV Panel

Accelerate your AAV based therapy

Innovative solutions to accelerate your AAV based therapy from vector development to production to fill and finish options.


Accelerate your LVV Panel

Accelerate your LVV based therapy

From world class products and services to expertise for every stages, we provide solutions that help you develop lentivirus based gene therapies.


Custom Solutions

In addition to designing custom reagents and assays for you, we can deliver our existing products manufactured to your specifications, as you create revolutionary therapies to treat life threatening diseases.

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Visual detection and quantification of AAV and LV vector biodistribution and transgene expression with RNAscope technology.

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Intensified & automated biomanufacturing technologies for gene therapies production.

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New Simple Plex AAV2 assay provides fast and efficient viral quantitation with superior specificity.

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