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Bedding Dispensing Made Easy: The Allentown FreeFlow!

Small enough to fit through doors, easy to move and set into place. Plug in, add bedding, and's that easy. The FreeFlow needs no compressed air or other support mechanical functions like most other dispensers on the market today. No need to install bulky and expensive compressed air connections, no special electrical requirements...just plug and play. As easy to set up and install as it is easy to use, the Allentown FreeFlow bedding dispenser makes bedding dispensing a breeze.

Some bedding dispensers use vacuum to move bedding, others use mechanical means... on their own neither are extremely efficient at consistently and reliably moving bedding...leading to jams and down time. Why not use both methods? The designers of the FreeFlow combined the best of both worlds, integrating mechanical and vacuum technology into one efficient system. Less jams...less downtime...more efficiency for you and your facility.

The FreeFlow allows for 10 custom pre-set bedding dispensing levels, so you're just a couple of touch-screen touches away from the perfect amount of matter what size cage you have in your hand. The programmability of the FreeFlow allows for increased consistency in bedding amounts throughout all cages in your facility...leading to less waste, cost reductions and the proper foundation for a safe microenvironment for your animals and your research.

At the heart of the FreeFlow's ease of use is its innovative touch screen interface. Allowing access to a wide variety of menus, the touch screen interface puts a wide variety of efficient features at users' fingertips. Moving bedding, operating the built-in vacuum for small clean-ups, checking bedding levels, accessing dispensing and use statistics... all of these features and more are just a touch away.

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P: 1300 552 003