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NUANU5800E 1NuAire Laboratory CO2 Incubators are available as a direct heat (air jacket) or water jacket configuration. They deliver a higher level of performance for a dependable and reliable controlled in-vitro environment for optimum tissue cell culture growth by properly controlling temperature, humidity, CO2 gas, and sterility. The chamber also provides an environment for the storage and preservation of gametes and animal tissue cell cultures at near body temperature. Advanced gas control systems area available to create precise environmental conditions for your protocols requiring hypoxic conditions.


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Performance and Constant Contamination Control

Closed Loop HEPA Filtration

Using the rigorous standards of an ISO Class 5 Clean Room's environment, the In-VitroCell™ CO2 incubators have been engineered to keep contamination to a minimum. All gas and air are passed through 99.99% HEPA filters before entering the growth chamber, ensuring a sterile environment. To help prevent cell desiccation, chamber air cycles through one air change at 30-minute intervals. An extremely sensitive sensor bay constantly monitors the chamber environment, making necessary adjustments to maintain consistency.

Optional Dual Sterilisation

To protect laboratory personnel and the products in the chamber, the incubator is engineered to keep contamination to a minimum. The NU-5710 offer dual sterilization cycles -- at 145°C dry and 95°C humidified.

Coved Interior Corners

The interior of the direct-heat incubator is constructed of 16-gauge steel and is crevice-free and cove-cornered. This design, coupled with the fact that the highly polished stainless steel surface inhibits biological growth and is easily cleaned, helps prevent contamination. The inner shelves and rails are easy to remove for sterilisation.

Minimal Vibration

For product protection, the incubator has fewer moving parts, which means reduced vibration. Reducing vibration helps protect cell lines.

NuTouch (Touchscreen) Electronic Control System (ECS)

A 5x7 inch (127x178 mm), standard on each In-VitroCell incubator allow users to easily view and control the system with the touch of a finger. Quickly access system parameters such as set points and monitor temperature history and carbon dioxide graphs right on the screen (USB download capable). Readily update the chamber environment with preset service settings. Continuously monitor system status on the color screen while the incubator is in standby mode, making chamber adjustments or sampling air.

Sensitivity and Accuracy of Gas Control

A highly selective single source dual wave infrared (IR) sensor allows for incredibly sensitive and accurate CO2 control (within ±0.1%). Located in the sensor bay, this microprocessor-based IR sensor's wavelengths are specifically absorbed by CO2, making it impervious to input from other elements such as water vapor, allowing for a highly stable output and minimizing the need for frequent calibrations.

Temperature Uniformity

Optimum uniformity is achieved through the use of R5 insulation-wrapped foil heating elements surrounding a 5.7 cubic foot growth chamber. Specially designed dual temperature sensor probes continuously monitor and send information to the NuTouch ECS, making any needed adjustments. Temperature uniformity is maintained throughout the chamber with accuracy to within ±0.3°C.

Faster Recovery Times

The CO2 level and temperature recover automatically in approximately five minutes after a one-minute door opening. Humidity recovers to 90 percent of original level 20-40 minutes after a 15-second door opening. Quick heat recovery at 0.12°C per minute allows a rapid return to set point temperature.

Humidity Control

Through the use of a stainless steel pan filled with distilled water (must not be purer than 1 mega-ohm) and placed on the chamber bottom, a relative humidity of up to 90% can be achieved and maintained. 

Optional Relative Humidity Control ensures accurate humidity levels up to 95% percent are maintained in the CO2 incubator chamber through water evaporation from a stainless steel three-liter reservoir. A sensor monitors humidity, and water vapor is injected to meet the set point.

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