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In Vitro Technologies has partnered with Protein Ark to bring you their latest Electrophoresis range.

  • Rapid staining – Protein bands appear after minutes – Fully stained after 1 hour
  • Highly sensitive – 5 ng bands resolved
  • Accurate protein quantification – Low background – Linear staining range
  • Re-useable – Up to 3 times
  • Storage – 1 year at room temperature

The Elite Pre-stained Protein Ladder is designed for SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) and Western blotting. The ladder is comprised of highly purified recombinant proteins to produce sharp bands.

The perfect pair for rapid and most economical SDS-PAGE

Quick comassie protein stainQuick Coomassie Protein Stain

• Quicker results with rapid protein stain that gives bands in minutes
• Great value as stain can be re-used up to 3 times
• Easy to use with a simple single step procedure

Left: Figure 1. Quick Coomassie is faster than the leading competitor.

Elite Pre-stained Protein Ladder

Elite prestain protein ladder

• Half your cost with only 2µl of protein ladder
• Easily determine MW with ultra-clear and expanded MW range (6.5-270kDa)
• Perfect for western blotting with up to 100%electro-transfer efficiency* and LI-COR® system compatibility

*Qamar S, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, Cambridge, UK, October 2018.

Typically, 2 x 5µl pre-stained protein ladder adds min. €3 to the cost of each SDS-PAGE

LEFT: Data kindly provided by Qamar S, CIMR, 2018. Figure 2A. Comparison between the ThermoFisher Novex sharp (Lanes 1 & 2) and Protein Ark Elite Pre-stained Protein Ladder (Lanes 3 & 4). Figure 2B. Western Blot detected by LI-COR® system. Lane 1: 2µL of Elite Pre-stained Protein Ladder. Lane 2: Protein sample. 200V for 20 minutes in Bis-Tris gel. PVDF transfer at 15V for 1hr. Goat anti-rabbit secondary antibody, dilution of 1:15000 used for detection at 800nm. Picture shown in true color.

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Description Pack Size Order No
Quick Coomassie Stain (30 ml) 30 ml GEN-QC-Stain-30ml
Quick Coomassie Stain (1 L) 1 L GEN-QC-Stain-1L
Quick Coomassie Stain (3 x 1 L) 3 L GEN-QC-Stain-3L
0.5 ml Elite Pre-stained Protein Ladder (2 x 0.25 ml) 0.5 ml PAL-EPL-500
2.5 ml Elite Pre-stained Protein Ladder (10 x 0.25 ml) 2.5 ml PAL-EPL-2500


Introducing: Protein Ark Elite Agarose Tablets

SDS Gels tiles4Convenient, Ready-to-Use Agarose tablets. 

Protein Ark Elite Agarose Tablets contain everything necessary for an easy preparation of an agarose gel in desired gel percentage. Ideal for routine DNA and RNA gel electrophoresis and blotting assays.

• Prepare your gel in minutes, all you need is water (3-in-1 tablets) or running buffer (2-in-1 and agarose tablets)
• Ready-to-Use tablet format: No messy weighing and improved gel-to-gel reproducibility
• 3-in-1 tablets pre-formulated with Ultrapure Agarose, Magnite Green DNA stain and either TBE or TAE buffer
• 2-in-1 tablets pre-formulated with Ultrapure Agarose and Magnite Green DNA stain
• Magnite Green DNA stain*: safer, non-carcinogenic alternative to Ethidium Bromide. Emits green fluorescence when bound to ssDNA, dsDNA and RNA.

*Excitation peak: ~490 nm. Emission wavelength: ~530 nm

Elite DNA Ladders

Elite DNA laddersReady-to-load DNA Ladders

• Pre-mixed with loading dye and ready to use
• Clear band separation for accurate size determination 

100 bp:
• 10 bands ranging from 100 to 1,000 bp
• High intensity reference band at 500 bp

1 kb:
• 11 bands ranging from 500 to 10,000 bp
• High intensity reference band at 1,000 bp


Description Pack Size Order No
Protein Ark Elite 100 bp DNA Ladder (100 µl) 100 µl PAL-E-100bp-100
Protein Ark Elite 100 bp DNA Ladder (500 µl) 500 µl PAL-E-100bp-500
Protein Ark Elite 100 bp DNA Ladder (5 x 500 µl) 2.5 ml PAL-E-100bp-2500
Protein Ark Elite 1 kb DNA Ladder (100 µl) 100 µl PAL-E-1KB-100
Protein Ark Elite 1 kb DNA Ladder (500 µl) 500 µl PAL-E-1KB-500
Protein Ark Elite 1 kb DNA Ladder (5 x 500 µl) 2.5 ml PAL-E-1KB-2500
Elite 3-in-1 TAE Agarose Tablets (75 pcs) 75 tablets PAL-E-3in1-TAE
Elite 3-in-1 TBE Agarose Tablets (75 pcs) 75 tablets PAL-E-3in1-TBE
Elite 2-in-1 Agarose Tablets (100 pcs) 100 tablets PAL-E-2in1-100
Elite Agarose Tablets, not premixed (100 pcs) 100 tablets PAL-E-AG-100
Magnite Green DNA stain (1 ml) 1ml PAL-E-MGS-1ML
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