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The storage of samples is often the last thing people think about, and quite often will be the hardest decision to make.

At In Vitro Technologies we have pulled together a number of key agencies that are regarded as innovators and leaders in their fields, together with a team of experienced and dedicated personal.


Our Team of Sales Professionals and Service Technicians is led by Bill Smits, who has 30 years of experience in the Cryogenic industry.

Our Cold Storage agencies are as follows:

  • Worthington Industries (Formerly known as Taylor-Wharton)
    • Suppliers of Cryogenic Storage containers suitable for vapour phase or liquid phase storage.
  • Micronic
    • A Leading global supplier of secure sample storage.
  • Nuaire
    • Recognised as a leader in Ultra cold freezers.
  • LabCold Australia
    • Is an established and specialised manufacturer of Medical and Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers.
  • Tenak
    • Leading European supplier of storage racks and storage solutions.