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Perfect solution to increase your therapeutic manufacturing efficiency and reduce risk.

Minimize risk in Cell and Gene Therapy manufacturing and overcome the complexities of raw material handling by delivering cytokines directly into cell cultures with GMP ProDots™ Proteins. GMP ProDots Proteins are formulated as lyophilized protein spheres packaged in animal-free, sterile bags for integration into closed process cell culture systems.

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Why Use GMP ProDots Proteins?

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Also available in RUO

• Eliminates protein aliquoting
• Reduces unused reconstituted protein waste
• Quickly welds into standard closed-system tubing
• Streamlines protocols and limits handling errors
• Improves efficiency of GMP protein supplementation

biotechne1dotsGMP ProDots Proteins in Action
Learn how to reconstitute GMP ProDots Proteins in a Bag

GMP and Animal Free Proteins

rd1As the promise of cellular therapies grows, so does the need for high-quality
raw material and ancillary components for ex vivo cell manufacturing,
including GMP and Animal Free cytokines and growth factors.

R&D systems offer large supply of GMP and Animal Free proteins backed by
their dedication to providing cell therapy manufacturers a consistent, safe,
and traceable supply of reagents.

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Custom solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy

sci1Biotechne's State-of-the-Art GMP
Protein Manufacturing Facility

Interested in GMP Proteins or ProDots but need custom amounts or want a
GMP product not currently offered?

In addition to designing custom reagents and assays for you, we can deliver
our existing products manufactured to your specifications. Our experienced
custom services team is ready to help.

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