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NuAire Blizzard ULT Freezers -86°C are developed for reliable storage conditions of research samples for laboratories, hospitals, repositories and more. Through research and development, a new focus has been placed on Blizzard’s  ULT Freezers°C refrigeration system, controls, alarms/monitoring, ergonomics, construction and energy efficient operation to make Blizzard Freezers the reliable solution for long-term storage of cancer cells, stem cells, cord blood, T-cells, organ/tissue and other samples.

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Blizzard Ultralow Temperature Freezers provide stable storage conditions for your samples and offer advanced features at an affordable price. Vacuum insulated panels surround the storage chamber to provide greater temperature uniformity and maximize storage space. A dual compressor system dependably maintains consistent storage conditions. Blizzard Ultralow Temperature Freezers are the safer choice for your storage needs.

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Key Considerations when purchasing an Ultra Low Freezer

ult buying guideUltra-low temperature (ULT) freezers are designed to operate between -86°C and -45°C, but usually operated at a set point of -70°C or -80°C. ULT freezers have a typical service life between twelve and fifteen years. When considering the replacement of a ULT ten years old, or older, there are many variables to consider.

  • What type of ULT Freezers are available?
  • How Long does it take for ULT Freezers to Cool?
  • How Much Temperature Variation inside can be
  • expected?
  • How to avoid Frost
  • How much energy will the Freezer use?
  • What type of Maintenance is required?

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Temperature Uniformity
A cascade refrigeration system that utilizes dual compressors offers a quicker, more reliable way to control storage conditions.

  • Quicker temperature recovery after door openings
  • Insulated inner doors help maintain interior temperature
  • Multi-point gasket seal system ensures a tight seal
  • A voltage booster option and surge protection offers dependable operation over a wider range of voltages.

Reliable Storage Conditions
Properly designed compressors located within the refrigeration system offer a dependable freezer.

  • Dual compressors run high and low stage refrigerants to maintain temperature uniformity.
  • Voltage boosters and surge protection work to maintain proper operation.
  • Dependable NuAire construction and service networks provide a NuAire quality product

Environmentally Friendly
Our commitment is to reduce energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and minimize both pollution and the depletion of natural resources.

  • CFC Free Refrigerants
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Low noise operation down to 47 dba
  • Designed to support LEED certification
  • Minimal heat output

Ergonomic Design
Designed with the end user in mind, the NuAire ULT freezers ensure ease of use and access.

  • Easy-In/Easy-Out door latch for one-handed operation, positive seal against gasket.
  • Eye level controls ensuring that the freezer is easy and comfortable for lab technicians to use
  • Low noise operation down to 47 dba
  • Front access to washable, electrostatic condenser filter for routine condenser air filter cleaning
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