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Protein Ark brings innovative solutions to your downstream processing workflow. Protein Ark’s products are designed by Protein Scientists for Protein Scientists. We offer products for protein purification, protein filtration and protein analysis.

  • Empty Proteus 1-step batch spin columns: Unique spin columns offering batch control incubation with all chromatography resins.
  • Empty FliQ AKTA® columns: Robust empty FPLC columns for all agarose resins.
  • Pre-packed HiFliQ AKTA® columns: 1 ml and 5 ml FPLC columns filled with gold standard agarose resins.
  • Pre-packed ProteoSEC AKTA® columns: Affordable and premium SEC columns for fractionating 3-70 kDa and 6-600 kDa protein preps.
  • Proteus X-spinner UF concentrator: Guaranteed best protein recoveries in the market. Ideal for very dilute, sticky or viscous protein samples.
  • Quick Coomassie stain: The Market Leader. A Rapid 15 min, re-usable Coomassie Stain.

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Key Products


HiFliQ Ni 300x300Protein Ark offers a range of chromatography columns suitable for protein purification; from empty FliQ FPLC columns (1 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml & 20 ml), pre-packed HiFliQ FPLC columns (1 ml & 5 ml) to batch incubation spin columns and Proteus pre-packed spin column kits. With over 25 years chromatography experience, we have laboratory columns to suit all your protein purification needs.

  • The Proteus FliQ FPLC columns designed for 1 to 20 ml resin volume with simple packing procedure and universal 10-32 UNF threads compatible with all standard chromatography instruments (including GE Healthcare’s AKTA systems).
  • Proteus 1ml and 5 ml HiFliQ FPLC columns are designed for effortless purification of recombinant proteins and antibodies. These columns are pre-packed with exceptional high performance resins eg Heparin, Ni-NTA agarose, Co-NTA agarose, Glutatione Agarose, Protein A Agarose and Protein G Agarose to ensure robust and reliable separation each and every time.


Empty FliQ FPLC Column

FliQ Columns 150x150Protein Ark offers empty 1 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml and 20 ml FPLC chromatography columns at an affordable price. Both ends of the FliQ columns have 10-32 UNF threads which fits all common chromatography instruments such as AKTA.

Pack your own resin into these columns. Separate your proteins using an FPLC, HPLC, low pressure pump or a syringe. Use your own resins or use our own high capacity, high flow rate resins eg Protein A Agarose, Protein G Agarose, Super Ni-NTA, Super Co-NTA and Super Glutathione Agarose resins.


ProteoSEC Size Exclusion AKTA Columns

ProSEC 16x 60 column with AKTA 150x150Protein Ark’s ProteoSEC Size Exclusion Columns (SEC) utilize a high performance rigid resin derived from a co-polymer of Dextran and Agarose. We offer 3 different column sizes: 11/30, 16/60 and 26/60 columns with Superdex™ S75 pg and Superdex™ S200 pg behaviour. Our ‘6-600’ HR acrylic columns have a protein separation range within 6kDa to 600 kDa and the ‘3-70’ HR acrylic columns have a protein separation range within 3kDa to 70kDa. Both these HR acrylic columns are ideal for high definition preparative protein polishing steps using all aqueous buffers, at room temperature and in the cold room. The ProteoSEC 16/60 columns are available in the Classic (non-adjustable end adaptors) and Dynamic (adjustable end adaptors) designs. The ProteoSEC 11/30 and 26/60 columns are only available in the Classic design.


  • High resolution (HR) preparative grade columns with comparable performance to GE Healthcare Superdex™ 200 pg (6-600 HR) and Superdex™ 75 pg (3-70 HR) SEC columns.
  • The 6-600 HR column has a separation range of 6-600 kDa. The 3-70 HR column has a separation range of 3-70 kDa.
  • Each column is certified for Height Equivalent  to a Theoretical Plate (HETP) and peak asymmetry: Theoretical Plate Number: > 10,000 N/m & Peak Asymmetry: 0.7-1.5.
  • Three different column sizes:  11/30, 16/60 & 26/60 available with 3-70 HR resin or 6-600 HR resin.
  • Both High Resolution (HR) resins are co-polymers of dextran and agarose and have a mean particle size of ca. 35 µm (20-50 µm).
  • The 16/60 HR columns are available with non-adjustable end adaptors (classic design) and adjustable end adaptors (dynamic design).


Proteus X-spinner 2.5 Centrifugal Concentrator

LT Centrisar 1511 RGB 150x150The Proteus X-spinner is ideal for the following samples:

  • Membrane protein (Use 100 kDa MWCO (order code: PAL-X-100-25 or PAL-X-100-100)
  • Viscous samples
  • Dilute protein solutions
  • Sticky and hydrophobic proteins
  • Protein fractions post Size Exclusion or IMAC
  • De-proteinization of blood and serum samples
  • Separating fee analyte or label from bound analytes/bound label  

Proteus X-spinner 2.5 Features:

  • Membrane Type - Cellulose Triacetate and Polyethersulphone
  • MWCO - 5 kDa, 10 kDa, 20 kDa, 100 kDa & 300 kDa MWCO
  • Sample Volume Range - 0.1- 2.5 ml
  • Hold-up Volume - 25 ul
  • Pack Sizes: 24 pc & 96 pc
  • % Protein Recoveries - >99%
  • Max g force - 2,500 g (Swing Bucket Rotor, 2,000 g (Fixed Angle Rotor)



Affinity Resins 300x300Protein Ark's High Performance Super Resins include Ni-NTA, Co-NTA, Glu, Protein A, Protein G and Heparin chemistries. Heparin, Ni-NTA, Co-NTA and Glu chemistries are supplied as High Performance resins with a mean bead size of 35 μm. High selective binding capacity is the key benefit of Protein Ark's Super resins.

Protein Ark's Fastback Resins include Protein A & G, Co IMAC, Ni IMAC chemistries. The mean bead size of the Protein Ark Fastback resins range is 90 μm, ideal for fast purification of target proteins.

Quick Coomassie Stain

Protein Ark's Quick Coomassie protein stain offers unrivalled performance up to 50 times more sensitive than other rapid stains. Simply immerse the gel in stain (25 ml for standard mini gels) for a minimum of 1 hour before storing in DI water. No organic solvents, no phosphoric acid, and no cloudy precipitants.

quick coomassieFeatures

  • Rapid staining - Protein bands appear after minutes - Fully stained after 1 hour
  • Highly sensitive - 5 ng bands resolved
  • Accurate protein quantification - Low background - Linear staining range
  • Re-useable - Up to 3 times
  • Storage - 1 year at room temperature


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