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Micronic Starter Packs contain everything needed to start using 2D coded sample storage tubes, enabling laboratory workers to maintain a secure sample logistics system and eliminate the costly possibility of false sample identities.

Since the amount of stored samples differs by the extent of automation and laboratory applications, Micronic offers the Starter Packs in a range of configurations and sizes: Basic, Standard, Advanced, Premium and Premium+.

  • Enables labs to start storing and sealing up to 4,000 samples
  • Available with 0.75ml, 1.40ml (96-format), 1.00ml, 4.00ml (48-format),
  • 3.00ml or 3.50ml (24-format) tubes
  • Ideal and convenient to different lab sizes and needs
  • Certified Class 7 clean room production
  • DNase/RNase and Pyrogene free

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Micronic Starter Packs Cover


Micronic Starter Packs BenefitsThe Micronic Starter packs are ideal for biobanks, biorepositories or research labs that would like to start using 2D coded tubes for their sample storage. All the Micronic Starter Packs contain 2D coded tubes with a choice of Screw Caps or Push Caps, code readers, and manual or electrical (de)cappers.

Since Micronic is a world leader in traceable sample preservation and storage, the quality of supplied goods is second to none and the design of all components is optimized to provide top performance.



Sample Storage Starter Pack Overview

Starter Pack Overview V4

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A complete innovative sample storage solution

Micronic Labware panel

Micronic offers a complete line of sample storage tubes and caps that fit in the 96-well, 48-well or 24-well ANSI/SLAS standard (formerly known as ANSI/SBS standard) rack format. The comprehensive range includes tubes with volumes ranging from 0.30mL to 6.00mL which are suitable for the most common laboratory storage applications.

Micronic also offers the most extensive range of tube capping products, including screw caps and push caps for effective and reliable storage purposes. All tubes provide a perfect seal and closure ensuring maximum sample integrity. All sealing products are also available in a range of colours!

All Micronic storage racks are based on the global recognised ANSI / SLAS 1-2004 through ANSI / SLAS 4-2004 standards and provide an easy and automation friendly method to store your sample storage tubes.

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Micronic Equipment panel

To enable fast, accurate and efficient sample identification, Micronic offers an extensive code reader range which consists of single tube scanners and whole rack scanners. The scanners can read coded 24-, 48- and 96-well format tubes. Micronic offers also a wide range of manual and automated capping and decapping equipment.

These devices enable significant productivity gains to be made in the opening and closing of multiple sample storage tubes. In addition, several sample management solutions are available that suit all throughput and budget needs.

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