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Sterilisation processes in animal facilities, industry and laboratories involves very defined specifications and requirements. Bringing together expertise in steam sterilisation, In Vitro Technologies is able to provide the perfect solution for any Bioresources refurbishment, replacement or new facility design. We are committed ensuring maximum performance and throughput while also reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

  • Pass through sterilisers
  • Decontamination chamber
  • Bedding and biowaste treatment systems


Matachana Series S1500 I Sterilizer

Matachana Steriliser angle view

The devices are designed and manufactured
the latest technologies on the market to
achieve the 
best results in terms of energy savings and reduction in water consumption.

The MATACHANA devices are developed,
manufactured and tested within a strict quality
control according to the international Standards
ISO 9001.


Matachana S1500

 Matachana S1500 I Steam Sterilizer

The S1500 I Series large capacity steam sterilizers are a line of equipment that complements the range of bulk-capacity steam sterilizers. These devices combine productivity and profitability. As manufacturers, we adapt the constructive characteristics of the sterilizers to the requirements and working conditions of our customers.

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 Matachana S1000 I

Matachana S1000 I Steam Sterilizer

The S1000 sterilizers are designed and manufactured using the latest technologies available in the market to achieve the best results in terms of energy savings and reducing water consumption. It is fully controlled by the sterilizer’s CPU, so that the right amount of steam for the program is produced, adapting to the needs of pressure and temperature of the program selected and run. 

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 2000 i

Matachana 2000 I Steam Sterilizer

MATACHANA has updated the design of its large capacity steam sterilizers, combining the latest developments technology can provide, with efficiency, safety, simplicity and user friendliness. Sterilizers are ideal for research centers, animal facilities, microbiology laboratories, BSL-2 and BSL-3 areas, including sterile material supply industries in general, which need to ensure speed and safety within its large volume sterilization processes.

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Sterilisation Resources

Matachana's L-3 Biocontaminated Effluents Treatment System

MATACHANA effluents treatment system incorporates the latest advances in efficacy and safety to ensure total control over the process of sterilization. These systems are designed to sterilize potentially waste bio-contaminants that are generated in laboratories and research centers in safety conditions for both operator’s staff and the environment.

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