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About C-CIT Sensors

C-CIT Sensors, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with several products used as reference methods by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS, and focuses on the development, and production of ion-selective electrodes and enzyme-based sensors for measuring relevant parameters in cell cultures, blood, water, sweat and other aqueous liquids. 

C-CIT's Mission is to revolutionize the fields of upstream bioprocessing, cell therapy and regenerative medicine by enabling the continuous in-situ metabolic monitoring and automated process control.

C-CIT Sensors AG offers the first process control system for bioproduction based on in situ measurement of glucose and lactate, from smallest vessel to bioreactor scale.
The use of in situ sensors makes cell line selection easy and fast, allows optimized media & process development and automated media feed. 
With C-CIT Sensors' solutions, sampling is not needed anymore, resulting in reduced contamination risk and cell stress, higher cell density and higher product yields.
All the sensors can be adapted to any customized bioreactor. The measuring electronic as well as the signal transfer can be customized providing full integration capability of the sensors into closed systems or OEM solutions.
Their systems are suitable for biopharmaceutical as well as for medical applications.



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