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Offer available until 31st March, 2020.*

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Conjugated Antibodies from Novus are available
for multiple research areas, including:
• Cancer
• Stem Cells
• CD Markers
• Inflammation and immunology
• Neuroscience
• Cell Cycle and Replication
• Lipid and Metabolism
• Cell Signaling
• Isotype Controls

Novus Biologicals offers more than 85,000 primary antibodies directly conjugated to 20 different fluorescent or enzymatic labels including a wide
range of Alexa Fluor® dyes and FITC conjugated antibodies, as well as tandem dyes and unique Janelia Fluor dyes!
Novus conjugated primaries will help you generate clean, reproducible results
in a variety of applications such as Flow Cytometry, ICC, IHC, and ELISA.

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*Subject to availability