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The NuAire range of general purpose Centrifuges, microcentrifuges and minifuges offer reliable operation for protocols including processing, harvesting, pelleting and separating blood, cells, and more.

Smaller in Size, but BIG on Capacity

NuAire mini tall


NuAire’s Mini Centrifuge requires very little work space and is ideal for applications such as quick spins, micro-filtration of samples, and cell separations in clinical, environmental and industrial research.

The Minifuge is available in three models:
MLX-104 – up to 4,000 rpm (900g)
MLX-106 – up to 6,000 rpm (2,000g)
MLX-110 – up to 10,000 rpm (5,000g)

pdf Download the NuAire’s Mini Centrifuge Brochures

NuAire breeze

Breeze Microcentrifuge

The Breeze Microcentrifuges from NuAire are so simple and easy to use it’s a Breeze. A small footprint saves bench space and is a perfect fit for daily protocols involving pelleting of DNA, Proteins, and other molecular samples.

The Breeze Microcentrifuge is available in two models:
NU-C2500V – Ventilated; up to 15,000 rpm (21,200g)
NU-C2500R – Refrigerated; up to 13,500 rpm (17,135g)

pdf Download the Breeze Microcentrifuges Brochure

NuWind Centrifuge

NuWind 2.0 Benchtop Centrifuge

The NuWind 2.0 is a laboratory benchtop series of centrifuges that maximizes productivity while minimizing laboratory required bench space. The centrifuge functionality allows the separation of substances of different densities held in suspension or emulsion in a liquid using centrifugal force.

The NuWind 2.0 centrifuge is available in two models:
NU-C200V ventilated model has a unique ventilation system to maximize performance within laboratory ambient temperature conditions. Up to 15,300 rpm (22,380g)
NU-C200R refrigerated model adds precise temperature control to further maximize performance.

The refrigeration system refrigerant used is CFC-free to meet regulations of refrigerant use. Up to 18,000 rpm (30,980g)

pdf Download the NuWind 2.0: Benchtop brochure

NuAire selection

Centrifuge + Rotor Selection Guide

pdf Download the Centrifuge + Rotor Selection Guide