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Good science needs a good start!

Start your new lab on the right path with the support of In Vitro Technologies.  Our unique portfolio features an exclusive array of quality equipment and consumables, supported by the applications and technical service and customer care you need to enable you to accelerate discovery, obtain reproducible results and publish high impact papers faster.

Together with Bio-Techne, In Vitro Technologies are thrilled to bring you our New Lab Program.

If you have recently:

  • Started a new lab
  • Moved to a new location
  • Received your first grant

Then you qualify for:

  • 20% off R&D Systems and Novus Biologicals Products for 3 months
  • Discounts on other reagents including ATCC and ACD Bio
  • Free samples from Protein Ark
  • Bulk pricing opportunities
  • 10% off Promega’s range of molecular biology reagents for 3 months (New Zealand Only)
  • Special pricing for essential equipment
  • Best in class technical support
  • Educational tools such as posters and protocol booklets
  • Bio-Techne Welcome kit full of useful lab goodies including T-shirt and more!

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Our new lab program is intended to ensure a fast start and strong finish for all your research projects. We want to supply you with products and services you can trust at prices within your budget. Starting a new lab can be exhausting. We want to work with you to make sure you go the distance and take your projects over the finish line.

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