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In Vitro Technologies has partnered with CelVivo to bring you the latest technology in 3D cell culture.

CelVivo ClinoStar | Mimicking In Vivo Performance

The technology created by CelVivo enables generation of uniform, reproducible and functional spheroids and organoids. These 3D constructs mimic the function, structure and architecture of in vivo tissues.

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3D Models for Hepatotoxicity

Determining toxicity is a major need and it is challenging. Are you working with liver models for drug toxicity? Try this technology and book your ClinoStar demo by filling in the Demo Request form.

Why use 3D models for liver toxicity studies?
  • 40–50% of drug candidates associated with hepatotoxicity in humans do not correlate with animal models - differential expression and activity of drug metabolising enzymes between animals and humans.
  • 3D liver models can be used to study both acute (24-48 hour) and chronic (days-weeks) toxicity studies. Long term treatment is especially important because it corresponds to the usual treatment regimen for patients but is difficult to replicate in an in vitro system.

Webinar | Understanding mechanisms of drugs toxicity using hepatocytes-based spheroids

To better understand mechanisms of drugs toxicity using hepatocytes-based spheroids, watch the webinar delivered by Prof. Adelina Rogowska-Wrzesinska from the University of Southern Denmark. She explains how she investigates the mechanism of drug toxicity using 3D liver models.

 Previously, Fey & Wrzesinski conducted a toxicological analysis of six common drugs (acetaminophen, amiodarone, diclofenac, metformin, phenformin, and valproic acid). Results generated from this study demonstrated that primary hepatocyte and 3D spheroid data resulted in a much higher degree of correlation with in vivo lethal blood plasma levels. These results corroborate that 3D hepatocyte cultures are significantly different from 2D cultures and are more representative of the liver in vivo.

A summary of this study can be found here.


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