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To fulfil the highest demands for flexibility with culture volumes from 20L to 750L, INFORS HT Pilot bioreactors have been designed to keep your bioprocess one step ahead.

techfors s frontal


Techfors-S is a perfect "next step" from autoclavable to in situ sterilisable bioreactors. The whole system is compact and can be easily integrated into a standard laboratory environment. Designed for easy handling, the Techfors-S provides simple, user-friendly instrumentation in the form of a touch screen, which is a colour touch screen with a tabbed interface for easy access to all functions.




The Techfors fulfils the highest demands for flexibility with regard to the design and operation of technical systems and pilot bioreactors with a total volume of 20 to 750 L (larger on request). Your Techfors is specially constructed to cater for your requirements in cell or bacterial cultures. The Techfors is designed so that batch, fed-batch and continuous cultivation strategies such as chemostat or perfusion processes can be carried out or further developed at the highest level.