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The world’s largest catalogue of high quality RUO qPCR test kits

Primer Design offers real-time PCR kits, reagents and instruments to help you achieve perfect real-time PCR data.

Introductory Offer

In Vitro Technologies’ is offering your lab the opportunity to save 10% off the list price of the Primer Design portfolio. For existing Primer Design users we are offering a further 10% discount off your price.


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genesig® RT PCR Kits

Over 600 RT PCR Lyophilised (freeze fried) kits for human, vet, food pathogens, food speciation testing and Biothreat detection - compatible with all qPCR instruments.

Each kit includes its own:
     • Positive and Negative control
     • Extraction control (to confirm the success of the extraction process),
     • Endogenous control (to confirm the quality of the biological sample)
     • Resuspension buffers and default FAM/VIC channels.

All genesig® RT PCR Kits are highly specific, sensitive (to <100 copies of target) and offer a broad dynamic detection range (>6 logs).

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genesig® COVID-19 RT PCR testing solutions

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  • COVID-19 (3 gene target) RT PCR Kit (CE IVD) - for the detection of 3 SARS-CoV-2 targets – ORF1ab, S gene and M gene

     – 20I/501Y.V1 (UK)
     – 20H/501Y.V2 (SA)
     – 20J/501Y.V3 (Brazil)
     – 20B/S.484K (Brazil) also known as P2
     – VUI-21APR-01 & VUI-21APR-03 including the variants with E484Q &/or L452R mutations (India)
     – Variants with the N501Y mutation (UK, SA & Brazil)
     – Variants with the E484K mutation
     – Variants with the L452R mutation


  •  SNPsig® EscapePLEX SARS-CoV-2 for the identification of E484K, K417N, K417T and P681R variant mutations including the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Variants of Concern; plus ORF 1ab and M gene targets to provide a confirmatory detection of SARS-CoV-2.

  • SNPsig® VariPLEX SARS-CoV-2 for the identification of SARS CoV 2 variants originally identified in the UK (20I/501Y.V1), South Africa (20H/501Y.V2), Brazil (20J/501Y.V3) and California (20C/S:452R), and the key biologically significant and globally prevalent mutations N501Y and E484K.

  • PROmate® COVID-19 – a total workflow solution, inclusive of sample preparation (from anterior nasal specimens prepared on dry swabs), qPCR amplification and analysis on the genesig® q16 and q32 instruments, specifically for intended for the rapid qualitative screening of individuals for for SARS-CoV-2 infection.

  • SARS-CoV-2 Winterplex Kit - a multiplex RT-PCR assay for the detection of all strains of Influenza A, Influenza B, RSV and SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

  • genesig® Easy DNA/RNA Extraction Kit – A universal kit for isolation of DNA/RNA from food, water, clinical, veterinary, and other samples types allowing rapid DNA and RNA extraction from virtually any sample type using magnetic bead technology.

genesig® qPCR instruments

genesig instrum

Two high quality, easy to use and robust qPCR instruments developed specially for the analysis of Primer Design genesig RT-PCR kits

  •  genesig® q16 Real-Time PCR Instrument - Highly affordable and portable RT-PCR instrument (2kg in weight with a 12cm footprint) for fast DNA and RNA analysis (less than 2 hours) for use with genesig Real-Time PCR Kits. This robust lab-in-a-box qPCR instrument allows analysis of up to 16 samples to be run with fully automated software driven data generation and analysis (either via a PC or Mac, or in stand-alone mode with the test data being downloaded on to a USB drive).

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  •  genesig® q32 Real-Time PCR Instrument – Highly affordable and portable RT-PCR instrument (7kg in weight with a 23cm footprint) for fast DNA and RNA analysis in less than 60 minutes. This robust qPCR instrument allows analysis of up to 32 samples to be run in both 0.1 ml tubes or in a 8-strip format. The genesig q32 provides powerful software that is easily installed from a USB flash drive onto any PC or Mac. The genesig q32 is for use with genesig Real-Time PCR Kits for human, vet, and food pathogens, as well as food speciation testing.

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MyGo Real-Time PCR Instruments

Two high quality unique qPCR instruments which provide unmatched performance in a convenient format - affordable qPCR solutions that do not compromise data quality (manufactured by Novacyt IT-IS Life Science Ltd)

  • MyGo Pro Real-Time PCR Instrument – A compact, easy to use and robust 32-reaction qPCR instrument able to accept 0.1ml tubes and/or 8-tube strips. Novel Full Spectrum Optics deliver 120 optical channels of fluorescence data from every tube for exceptional multiplex PCR.

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  • MyGo Mini Real-time PCR Instrument – the world’s most compact real-time 16-reaction PCR instrument. Weighing less than 2kg, with no moving parts, it provides silent operation and maximum reliability. With outstanding precision, it is capable of providing great results over a broad range of applications.

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Precision™ and oasig™ qPCR Master Mix range

A range of Master Mix qQPCR products optimised for single and multiplex applications requiring the highest sensitivity (compatible with any qPCR platform).

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exsig® range of extraction solutions

exsig™ Mag - an ultra-sensitive magnetic bead-based extraction chemistry system ensuring ultra-sensitive nucleic acid purification of a variety of sample types. A fully automatable and flexible workflow solution that has been validated on many widely used liquid handlers & extraction robots (including KingFisher™).

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Terms and Conditions

Offer includes 10% off the list price of all Primer Design’s real-time PCR products. 

*Current Primer Design customer’s get a further 10% discount off the price you may have paid for a Primer Design product previously.

*Labs using any equivalent competitor real-time PCR products, get a 10% discount off the price you have paid for these products*

Offer available until September 30th, 2021