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Namocell’s Single Cell Dispensers provide the fastest and easiest solution for single cell sorting and isolation. These benchtop instruments combine innovative microfluidics technology with flow cytometry and liquid dispensing to sort and dispense single cells into 96- or 384-well plates in minutes.

Low system pressure (<2 psi) ensures gentle sorting and preserves cell viability and integrity. Namocell’s proprietary cell cartridges eliminate the risk of sample carry-over and ensure sterility, making it faster and easier to run multiple samples or cell types.

Your single cell isolation – sorted!

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The Pala Single Cell Dispenser is ideal for a wide range of single cell applications, allowing users to quickly and gently plate cells for cloning with improved outgrowth, generate high-yield single cell genomics libraries, gently bulk sort target cells, rapidly isolate rare cell populations at frequencies of less than 0.1% or recover single cells from precious samples with as few as 100 cells.

3137 Namocell Instrument


  • • Up to two lasers and eleven colours
  • • Laser wavelength 1: 488 nm
  • • Laser wavelength 2: 405 nm or 561 nm
  • • Detection channels: FSC + SSC, up to 11 fluorescent channels


3137 Namocell Chart

Namocell Disposable Cell Cartridges

Meet Pala image 1High Cell Viability, High Outgrowth

Low sorting pressure (<2 psi) preserves cell viability and integrity and delivers more outgrowth.

Low Sample Input, High Recovery Rate

Near zero dead volume enables handling of small sample input down to as little as 100 cells.

High Throughput

Process up to 150 million cells at 3 million cells/min.

No Cross-contamination

Disposable cell cartridge prevents sample carryover.

Safe – No Aerosol Formation

1 μL droplet prevents aerosol formation.

Pala™ helps you sort and dispense single cells into 96-well or 384-well plates or 2mL tubes on your own bench. There are 3 patented sorting modes:

  • • Single cell sorting mode dispenses single cells, one cell per well
  • • Enrichment mode isolates rare cells from extremely large samples
  • • Bulk sorting mode sorts tens of thousands of cells in bulk

Single cell sorting mode

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Enrichment or bulk sorting mode

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Meet Pala advantages

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Namocell Single Cell Dispensers empower modern research and therapeutics. Contact us today to learn more.

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Namocell Single Cell Dispenser vs Traditional Cell Sorters

  Namocell Single Cell Dispensers Traditional Cell Dispensers
Pressure Less than 2 psi 20 - 70 psi
Initiation time 2 - 3 min 30 - 45 min
Processing speed 2 - 50,000 cells/second 2,000 - 20,000 cells/second
Fluorescence channels Up to 11 16
Minimum input 100 cells 200,000 cells
Droplet size 1 µL 0.001 - 0.005 µL
Sheath 6.5 mL/hr 1 - 2 L/hr
Sterile sorting Easy Difficult
96-well sorting Standard Optional
System clogging No Yes
Cost $ $$$

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