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Cytena-Cellink f.sight cytena 21 TECHNOLOGY

Our patented technology ensures you get the best results with efficiency, accuracy and proof of clonality across every substrate.


Find out how our patented technology optimizes your workflow and documents proof of clonality

Our technology works in principle


Our instruments are based on an inkjet-like technology. The system generates miniature, free-flying droplets from a microfluidic chip (1). Inside the chip (part of the dispensing cartridge) all sample cells (2) are stored. The system works as a direct displacement dispenser, meaning that a droplet can be generated on demand. A microscope objective lens and a camera are used to look into the chip, directly at the cells. An image of the cells is taken in the nozzle, or the lower part of the chip and where droplets are ejected from.


Once an image has been captured, an image–processing algorithm detects all cells immediately. It counts the cells and classifies them according to morphology, including size and roundness. Then a droplet is generated and everything that is inside the nozzle is ejected in this droplet. The system does not control the droplet’s consistency, but it identifies what the droplet contains. The data is then used to separate droplets with single cells.


To sort the dropletsa pneumatic shutter system located directly under the nozzle is used (3). When a droplet that contains a single cell (4) is generated, it is allowed to pass onto the substrate (5). All empty and multiple cell droplets are captured by the shutter and disposed of.


cytena-cellink inuse