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Borer is a cutting edge company leading the world in the fields of cleaning and disinfection for professional applications. Their product ranges guarantee residue-free surfaces in laboratories and pharmaceutical production.

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Perfectly clean laboratory glassware

deconex® cleaners remove residues quickly and effectively. Our processes for manual and automatic cleaning ensure uncompromising cleanliness, even in sensitive laboratory glassware. Rely on deconex® to get the right results!

Effective cleaning processes for pharmaceutical production

  • Exacting cGMP production requires validated cleaning processes which prevent cross-contamination. Borer Chemie AG develops effective and residue-free processes for you.
  • Innovative and environmentally-friendly products such as the deconex® DEROUGE system demonstrate our commitment to sustainable solutions.
  • Cleaning validation is substantially backed up by comprehensive product documentation and dedicated analysis methods.

Please find your products on the Borer website below and then contact us on for local pricing and availability.