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In Vitro Technologies announces a new partnership with ATCC®, the American Type Culture Collection.

ATCC’s collections include a wide range of biological materials for research, including cell lines, molecular genomics tools, microorganisms, and bioproducts. The organisation holds a collection of more than 3,400 human, animal, and plant cell lines. The molecular genomics collection at ATCC contains 8 million cloned genes from a host of species, including human, mouse, soybean, rat, monkey, zebrafish, and several disease vectors.

ATCC’s microorganism collection includes more than 18,000 strains of bacteria, 2,000 different types of animal viruses, and 1,000 plant viruses. In addition, ATCC maintains collections of protozoans, yeasts, and fungi, with over 49,000 yeast and fungi strains, and 2,000 strains of protists.

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