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Limited Time Only! Receive 25% OFF list price when purchasing 4 or more immunoassay kits in one PO*

In Vitro Technologies strive to provide the best technology for Life Science research by providing immunoassay tools from R&D Systems including: Quantikine ELISA kits, Luminex Multiplex assays. 

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OFFER ENDS 31st December2020!

*Offer available to University and Medical Research Institutes only. Order must contain at least 4 items of Quantikine kits or 4 items of Luminex kits. Applies only to products with RDS catalogue number. Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions, for prior purchases or for pending orders. Offer Ends 31st December 2020!





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Explore the Full Range of R & D Systems Immunoassays

Luminex Graphic1.Proteome Profiler

  • Measurement of up to 119 proteins in a single sample
  • no specialized equipment required
  • Ready-to-use Antibody Array Kit

ELISpot Step 462812. ELISpot Kits & Fluoro Spot

                • Highly sensitive
                • Microplate-based assay for detecting cytokine secreting cells
                • Completely ready to use kits

immunoassay most economical3. DuoSet

                • Carefully selected and validated antibodies
                • Includes mass-calibrated recombinant standard
                • Cost-effective option
                • Adaptable for use across multiple platforms

immunoassay most published4.Quantikine

                • Complete ready to use kits
                • Robust QC/QA for superior quality and reproducibility
                • Detailed protocol booklets include inter- and intra-assay precision, recovery, linearity, sensitivity, and sample value data


immunoassay fast5. Quantikine QuicKit

                • Higher throughput — Results in 90 minutes
                • Simplified protocol — Only 1 wash step
                • Long-term consistency and reproducibility

Luminex Graphic6.Luminex

                • Analyte flexibility with the largest, mix and match menu on the market
                • Faster time to results with premixed beads sets
                • Performance validated and tested