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From development to manufacturing and QC, our platforms provide automation and scalability for rapid and accurate characterization with low volume sample analysis to help preserve your precious samples.


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Vector Characterisation

Vector Characterization

Characterize your vectors for cell and gene therapy with analytical platforms and automated instruments.

Fast, Sensitive, and Reliable AAV2 capsid titration with Ella.
Check vector stability and identity with icIEF
Characterize purity for 48 samples in a day with CE SDS
Monitor your AAV capsids during product purification with Simple Western
Micro Flow Imaging (MFI) monitors the effect of ultrafiltration on the preparation of AAVs.

Gene Transfer

Gene Transfer Assessment

Platforms to simplify and automate assessing gene transfer efficiency and protein expression in your cell and gene therapy workflows with low sample volumes and cell numbers.

Measure transfection efficiency and expression uniformity with fewer cells with Milo
Monitor purity, heterogeneity, and stability of Cas9 and its variants using Maurice
Flexible, high performance assays for measuring haemoglobin expression

Cell Expansion

Cell Expansion & Characterization

Platforms offering sensitive and specific assays that spare your precious samples, with the flexibility to determine efficacy, potency, and safety throughout your manufacturing process.

Cell derivative monitoring for cell therapy using Single cell Westerns.
Simple Plex Assays for T Cell Characterization

Contaminant Screening

Contaminant Screening

Accurately identify and differentiate between potential sources of bioprocess contaminants like polystyrene beads, host cell protein (HCP), and bovine serum albumin (BSA), to confirm the quality and stability of your therapeutics.

Detect cell expansion components in NK cell products using Micro flow Imaging (MFI)
Detect residual beads in CAR-T cell products
Identify process related impurities using our analytical platforms.

Response Profiling

Response Profiling

Get sensitive, accurate, and fast profiling of the safety and efficacy of cell and gene therapies post treatment with Protein Simple platforms.

High resolution view of immune cell composition and function in the TME using our platforms.
Monitor for Cytokine Release Syndrome post CAR-T therapy.

Custom Solutions

In addition to designing custom reagents and assays for you, we can deliver our existing products manufactured to your specifications, as you create revolutionary therapies to treat life threatening diseases.

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