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Mito PT has been developed for small size facilities and provides flexible solutions for the bottle feeding processing.

MITO PT can wash and rinse automatically up to 18 bottles in a crate per cycle and can process different type of bottles.

A special version with a powerful drying system is also available. This system ensures a complete drying of the bottles in order to allow a longer waiting time before the sterilization process starts.

Washer dimensions W x D x H:
Mito PT:
W 2280mm (89.76"), D 760mm (29.92"), H 2000mm (78.74")
Mito PT air drying:
W 2800mm (110.24"), D 760mm (29.92"), H 2000mm (78.74")

Chamber and doors entirely made in stainless steel AISI 316L, external body AISI 304.
Self cleaning sump with rounded edges.
Separate washing and rinsing circuits to avoid cross contamination.
Double stage water filtering system.
Disinfection by rinsing up to 90 deg;C/194F
Standard provided with a dosage unit and flow meter.
PLC control system with 5.7" touch screen LCD display.
Printer connection for the documentation of relevant cycle data.
Up to 10 wahing/rinsing cycle programs.
Programming protection through 3 password levels.

P: 1300 552 003