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The Power of Cell Metabolic Phenotyping

A recent publication on reprogramming fibroblasts into induced pluripotent stem cells using the Seahorse extracellular flux analyser identified that nuclear reprogramming efficiency might be improved by modulating mitochondrial spare capacity. Namely, cells with lower spare respiratory capacity produce iPSCs at higher efficiencies. 

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Reprogramming fibroblasts

Seahorse XF technology enables reliable measurements that predict, monitor and track cell fate transitions

Discover how these metabolic measurements can be used as indicators to minimise workflow inefficiencies and improve differentiation and reprogramming approaches.

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View selected Stem Cell research publications citing Agilent Seahorse XF Data

Seahorse, reveal the potential of your stem cells with Agilent Seahorse XF Technology 

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Let In Vitro Technologies accelerate your Stem Cell research with validated work flow solutions

ATCC logo websiteAn established and growing portfolio of ATCC cultures to choose from, including mouse embryonic stem cells, human embryonic stem cells, human mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), and human iPS cells.

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Tocris a bio techne brandTocris Bioscience is your trusted supplier for authentic, high quality compounds for stem cell research. Tocris ensure their products are of the highest purity possible, offering experimental continuity and reproducibility, so you can publish with confidence. 

Key Stem Cell Compounds Available from Tocris 

Cat. No.

Product Name




Selective p160ROCK inhibitor; increases survival rate of human embryonic stem cells undergoing cryopreservation


SB 431542

Induces proliferation, differentiation and sheet formation of ESC-derived endothelial cells



γ-secretase inhibitor; induces neuronal differentiation


CHIR 99021

Highly selective GSK-3 inhibitor; enables reprogramming of mouse embryonic fibroblasts into iPS cells


LDN 193189

Potent and selective ALK2 and ALK3 inhibitor; promotes neural induction of hPSCs


Depend on Tocris for:

  • Authentic Stem Cell Compounds: Highly qualified in-house chemistry and analytical teams ensure each product is manufactured to the highest purity possible, so you can trust your product is authentic and can publish with confidence.
  • Consistently High Quality: The Tocris analytical team perform stringent quality control analysis not done by other suppliers, ensuring batch-to-batch consistency.
  • Guaranteed Resupply: Tocris has >99.5% of products in stock at all time, offering you a guaranteed supply of product for your experiments and publications
  • Innovative Product Range: Tocris are continually adding to their wide range of new and innovative research tools. 

Visit the Tocris Website for more information on Stem Cell Differentiation and Reprogramming with Small Molecules