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Hi, my name is Jess – your complete protein analysis solution for automated Western Blotting

Jess is a member of the Simple Western™ Family.

Simple Western™ platforms are the only systems on the market that fully automate traditional Western blotting - eliminating many of the tedious, error-prone steps of traditional Western blotting which limit data quality.

Simple Western™ instruments are the only gel-free, blot-free, and hands-free capillary-based immunoassay platforms that integrate and automate the entire protein separation and detection process so you'll have more time to get down to real science.

Jess separates proteins by size, performs antibody additions, incubations, washes and detects your proteins. All you have to do is load samples and reagents into the cartridge and let Jess do the rest.

Come back to fully analyzed Western blotting results on 24 samples in 3 hours.

Jess is also capable of multiplexing. With fluorescence detection channels and RePlexing capabilities, you can run two immunoassays within the same capillary to maximize data output from one sample.

Key features of Jess:
• Size-based protein analysis
• 12 or 24 samples per run
• Fully analyzed results in 3 hours
• Re-Plex assay
• Total protein normalization
• Chemiluminescence and fluorescence
 • Western blot imaging

Want a gel-free, blot-free and hands-free Western blotting system? Contact us today!



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