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In Vitro Technologies is continually striving to provide support to the Australian and New Zealand Scientific Community. 

As such, we are proud to announce that in 2020 we will be providing In Vitro Technologies Grant Assistant Packages, with the aim to provide valuable information about specific capital equipment instrumentation to assist researchers with applying for funding to enable the use of these instruments in their facilities.

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These Grant Assistance Packages will contain information such as product features and benefits, running costs, and service options. 

Please register your interest in these Grant Assistance Packages by clicking on the instrument of interest: 

  • Agilent Seahorse cell analysis systems
  • Terumo Quantum Cell Expansion Systems
  • Terumo Finia Fill and finish Systems
  • Infors Bioreactor Systems for microbial or mammalian culture
  • Sexton Biotechnologies AF-500

To register your interest for this program, please just fill out the web form on this web page. 

Thank you for working with In Vitro Technologies through 2019, we look forward to providing a greater level of support to life Science through 2020!