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Multitron Panel angleUnrivaled in size and flexibility. This is the NEW Infors Multitron

In Vitro Technologies is proud to introduce the NEW Infors Multitron – the number-one choice for reliable, convenient cultivation of microorganisms and cell cultures. This incubation shaker guarantees homogeneous conditions and delivers reproducible results, leaving nothing to be desired regarding its features and capacity.

Intelligent use of space
Despite its modest footprint, a triple stacked Multitron can be used for over 60L of culture or, with its 3mm shaking throw option conducting 23,000 experiments in parallel. Regardless of the required capacity, the top level of the Multitron is at a comfortable working height of 1,40m.

The perfect conditions for cultivation
Offering homogeneous conditions for re-producible results, the Multitron has been setting standards for temperature uniformity for decades. Thanks to its ingenious design, its precise CO2 control system is extremely efficient, and humidification produces no condensation. The practical door mechanism and the quick, automated start-stop feature keep interruptions in the cultivation process to a minimum.

“No” is not in our vocabulary
The Multitron allows you to pursue all manner of applications, from standard experiments with microorganisms to complex animal and plant cell cultivation. Its modular concept allows you to configure the shaker to your needs and select from a wide range of options, such as the right cooling. You can even upgrade your system at a later time.

Seamless monitoring and control
The eve® bioprocess platform software can easily communicate with the Multitron using Ethernet. Opening up new opportunities for controlling the device and monitoring cultures inside the incubation shaker from anywhere via a web interface. You can also create customized reports and GMP-compliant process documentation.


Sample configurations

Maximum oxygen introduc-tion, even when filled to maxi-mum capacity in stacked units

  • 25 or 50 mm shaking throw for optimal mixing from tubes to 5 L shake flasks
  • High shaking frequencies for maximum oxygen transfer

Optimum conditions for mam-malian and insect cells

  • Active CO2 control
  • Hygienic, condensate-free humidity control designed to limit evaporation loss
  • Housing with antimicrobial coating as an option
  • Optimized for gentle mixing and good oxygen transfer

Conduct over 7,000 experi-ments in parallel

  • Perfect conditions thanks to 3 mm shaking throw and 1000 min–1
  • Hygienic, condensate-free humidity control designed to limit evaporation loss
  • Technology proven to in-crease yields over traditional methods
  • Active CO2 control

Sunlight in the shaker; excel-lent uniformity

  • Energy-saving, warm-white LED lighting
  • Light intensity up to 200 μmol m–2s–1
  • Even distribution of light across the tray
  • Day-night-cycle simulation or selective induction – easy to do with eve®


  • drive unitQuiet, uniform and reliable every time you load it
  • Dynamically balanced table eliminates the need for manual adjustments
  • Eliminates handling errors
  • Easy to clean
  • Connection and interfacesEthernet interface for connecting to eve®
  • Optional analog outputs for interface with building monitoring and alarm systems
  • Cable pass through as a standard for external sensors
  • HygeneRounded corners make the interior easy to clean
  • Optional antimicrobial coating
  • Optional UV sterilization of the air flow
  • Optional hygienic, condensate-free direct-steam humidification
  • temperature controlTight control of temperature across the incubator shak-er ensures identical conditions for every batch
  • Can be connected to existing laboratory cooling system
  • Optional cooling in base or on the top unit for optimum space utilization
  • Excellent insulation and avoiding heat sources in the incubation chamber keep energy demand low

For the best results in culture, every step counts

Infors-HT incubation shakers employ state-of-the-art technologies to satisfy a wide range of requirements. The continual further development of the product range serves to meet the demand for new applications such as those employed in biofuel research and cell cultivation. Infors-HT are able to offer technical solutions for practically every application, thanks to a wide spectrum of proven and new, specially modified options. For applications in which standard solutions won’t suffice, we are able to develop special customer-specific solutions.


Celltron Panel

The simplest solution for using existing incubators for shaken cells in suspension. 


Minitron Panel

An all-round genius in a small space.



Multitron Panel
The number-one choice for reliable, convenient cultivation of microorganisms and cell cultures.

eve - The Bioprocess Platform Software

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One single solution to unify all your equipment and data.