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Start with Authenticated Credible Standards

When it comes to product development, safety and quality are of the utmost importance for protecting human health and your company’s reputation.

With nearly a century’s worth of expertise in biomaterials handling, storage, and authentication, ATCC has the credible tools you need to maintain your outstanding quality control programs.

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Food Testing
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Water Testing
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Quality Control Solutions for Food Testing

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Certified Reference Materials for Pharmaceutical Testing

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ATCC Standards for Microbiome Research

The complexities involved in 16S rRNA community profiling and shotgun metagenomics methods pose significant challenges for microbiome research. Significant biases can be introduced at each stage of the microbiome workflow, affecting data interpretation and reproducibility.

ATCC Microbiome Standards with known compositions are essential for ensuring assay optimization and data reproducibility throughout each stage of the workflow – from sample collection to data analysis.

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Top 5 reasons to use standards:

• Perform quality control analyses
• Promote scientific credibility
• Develop and optimize assays
• Ensure data reproducibility
• Eliminate bias


Download the NGS Standards for Microbiome Research flyer here

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Development and Evaluation of Next-Generation Sequencing Standard for Virome Research

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Gut Microbiome

Gut Microbiome Standard

Explore the effects of dysbiosis on human health with the Gut Microbiome Whole Cell Mix. This mock microbial community is ideal for use as a control in microbial profiling of mixed populations.


Virome Standard

Virome Standard

Discover more about the virome and its impact on the human body by incorporating a virome standard comprising genetically diverse and clinically relevant viral species in your research applications.

Spike In Standard

Spike-In Standard

Need a true run control? From sample storage to data analysis, the whole cell spike-in standard provides an essential tool for evaluating the reproducibility of your microbiome data.

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