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Seahorse XF Mito Fuel Flex Test Kit

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The Seahorse XF Mito Fuel Flex Test Kit provides the only assay that is capable of measuring the dependency, capacity, and flexibility of cells to oxidize any one of three mitochondrial fuels: glucose, glutamine, or fatty acids. 


  • Provides a single test for analyzing three fuel oxidation pathways: Glucose, Glutamine, and/or Fatty Acid
  • Measure: fuel dependency and fuel pathway flexibility
  • Kit provides quality-controlled, pre-measured reagents and a standard method for conducting a Seahorse XF Mito Fuel Flex Test
  • Seahorse XF Report Generator automatically determines the key parameters of your samples, simplifying data analysis
  • Seahorse XF Mito Fuel Flex Test Report Generator
  • Let’s talk about Mitochondrial Fuel Flexibility
  • For Research Use Only. Not for diagnostic procedures. 


Contents Three foil pouches. Each pouch contains six vials of UK5099 or BPTES or etomoxir.
Number of Assays: Six Seahorse XF96/XF24 microplate assays
Shipping Conditions: Ships at ambient temperature in an insulated container
Storage Requirements: Store at -20°C (For up to 1 year)


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