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In Vitro Technologies provides a range of affordable, advanced imaging solutions for research excellence in Cell Analysis.

See beyond your cells

Capture the best and the brightest images with the Celena benchtop digital imaging platforms, or gain a deeper insight into 3D structure and function of your samples through rapid, reproducible tissue clearing utilising the Logos X-Clarity system. BioTechne’s wide range of conjugated antibodies with a 100% performance guarantee ensures research reproducibility and publication quality results.

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cell analysis imageMeasure what’s important

In Vitro Technologies brings powerful real-time cell analysis and high performance flow cytometry technologies to your laboratory. If you are looking into cellular metabolism, cell invasion/ migration or immune cell-killing assays, our experienced cell analysis team provide extensive applications support, experimental design and data analysis to assist with generation of high quality, reproducible results.

Publish in high-impact journals and accelerate discovery

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