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What could help you take your novel cell and gene therapy work to the next level?

Announcing the Advanced Therapy Manufacturing and Innovation (ATMI) Grant 2020.

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies announces the launch of its ATMI Grant 2020 to accelerate advanced therapy manufacturing and development in Asia Pacific.

The ATMI Grant 2020 will award up to USD $50,000 to principal investigators, scientists, researchers and clinicians exclusively from the Asia Pacific region to advance the translational research and process transfer, development, scale-up and automation of novel cell and gene therapy applications. In addition to the USD $50,000 grant, the winner will receive up to 12 disposable sets valued at USD $50,000 and one Quantum® Cell Expansion System for the duration of a one-year grant project.

Applicants can learn more at where they can:

  • Review criteria and eligibility requirements
  • Download the application guide
  • Register for a pre-application webinar
  • Submit applications

Applications are now being accepted through to November 17th 2020.

Get the ATMI Grant 2020 details today!