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Case Study

Cell Invasion and Migration – Accelerate Discovery

ACEA Biosciences – xCELLigence DP

The Challenge

  • Large Cell Invasion and Migration project screening > 500 Compounds
  • Consumable costs of using traditional Transwell methods very expensive
  • Limited staffing resources available
  • FDA compliant data critical
  • Speed of data acquisition vital to ensure quick time to publish

Customers Expectations

In Vitro Technologies was engaged to help establish a 6 month consumables cost forecast and supply for a new research program investigating the impact of over 500 compounds on cell invasion and migration in prostate cancer cell lines. Validity of data generated for FDA consideration was critical.

The initial expectation of the Professor was to conduct an individual CIM assay, twice per week, using the traditional Transwell platform technology. To enable the management of this work load required the full time of an existing senior research officer as well as the need for an additional post doc.

6 Month Assay Requirements:

  • 2 full time staff members
  • 52 packs of 8µM PET Pre-coated membranes
  • 26 packs of 8µM un-coated membranes
  • Initial estimated assay consumable costs = >$65,000

The Solution

In Vitro Technologies proposed that the Professor also consider the implementation of ACEA Biosciences xCELLigence DP Real-Time Cell Analyser. Sized to fit in a standard cell culture incubator, the xCELLigence DP enables the study of cell migration and invasion in real-time, without the use of exogenous labels.

Using the traditional assay system requires an individual Transwell per single time point throughout the experiment. The power of the xCELLigence DP CIM-16 plates provides the ability to obtain all data points throughout the entire experiment within a single plate, in real-time. This greatly reduced the number of consumables required to complete the project and significantly improves reproducibility of data by minimising plate to plate variation. Overall the xCELLigence DP system reduced the cost of the overall project in both consumables and time.

6 Month Assay Requirements – xCELLigence DP:

  • Part time staffing requirement – load assays and walk away
  • Instrument purchase => $95,000
  • ACEA CIM-16 Plate costs => Approx $20,000

The Outcome

By investing in the xCELLigence DP RTCA technology, the Professor has been able to accelerate the discovery into the response of prostate cancer cell invasion and migration. The xCELLigence DP enabled the research group to:

  • Monitor cell invasion and migration in real-time without the use of exogenous labels.
  • Obtain kinetic data for all time points throughout the entire course of the experiment.
  • Remove plate to plate variation and greatly improve reproducibility of data.
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual staining and detection methods
  • Significantly reduce the overall cost of completing the study (estimated $40-50,000 saving).
  • Reduce time and labour required to complete the project and allow the existing Senior RO to drive other projects at the same time.
  • Implement a new advanced technology capable of accelerating discovery in a wide range of alternative assays including proliferation, cell adhesion, cytotoxicity, differentiation, barrier function and cell culture quality control.