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Whether you are undertaking basic research or investigating therapeutic intervention in Cancer Immunotherapy, In Vitro Technologies has you covered!

In Vitro Technologies offer a range of quality products & technical expertise to support your work flow targeting the hallmarks of cancer in this promising approach for cancer treatment.

Our workflow solutions below will facilitate your research and assist in driving this important field forward.

cell flowdiagram

  • commercially available primary cells, cell lines and relevant media supporting cell growth
  • an extensive selection of cytokines (including GMP grade), antibodies, ELISA kits and inhibitors, assay platforms, and custom services supporting cell function
  • real-time cell analysis for cell-based assays investigating every hallmark of cancer

Supporting Literature

pdf ATCC Primary Immunology Cells

pdf ATCC Tumor Cell Panels Brochures

pdf R&D System Immunology Brochure

pdf ACEA Hallmarks of Cancer Brochure

pdf ACEA Cancer Immunotherapy

pdf Seahorse Cancer-Metabolism Link

pdf Seahorse Immuno-Metabolism Link

In Vitro Technologies in partnership with our key agencies ATCC, R&D Systems and ACEA, supports you in the race to explore established and novel strategies in Cancer Immunotherapy!

link ATCC Immunological Research Tools

link R&D Systems Cancer Immunotherapy Research

link ACEA What is Cancer Immunotherapy?

Together with our key partners ATCC, R&D Systems and ACEA, In Vitro Technologies supports you in the race to explore established and novel strategies in Cancer Immunotherapy!!!

For more info on The Hallmarks of Cancer, click here.