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Rats need room to stand on their hind legs and stretch up fully*

With 1,800cm2 of floor space and up to 28cm high, the new NexGen Rat 1800 gives rats enough room to stretch out.

  • 1,800cm2 total floor space
  • Cage heights of 25cm and 28cm allows bipedal posture
  • Ergonomic design for balanced weight distribution during handling
  • Compact stacking for efficient sterilisation.

Of the 3Rs, the greatest potential for manufacturers of Animal Husbandry equipment and consumables is to assist with Refinement. 

The Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes states:

1.28 Steps must be taken at all times to support and safeguard animal wellbeing.


The Australian Code expands on this in the Section on Responsibilities of animal carers:

2.5.4 Animal carers must: (i) ensure that animals are cared for and managed so that species-specific or strain specific physiological and behavioural needs are met.


When read in conjunction with a Code of Practice such as the Victorian Government’s Department of Industries’ “Code of Practice for Housing and Care of Laboratory Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits”, it is possible for manufacturers of equipment and consumables to assist in meeting the Australian Code.

Allentown recently responded to industry demand for a larger, yet more manageable rat housing with the introduction of NexGen Rat. The new cage is available in 900cm2 and 1800cm2 total floor space, and a cage height of 28cm in the Rat1800 version.

*ARRP Guideline 20: Guidelines for the Housing of Rats in Scientific Institutions.