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Recent advances in the field of stem cell biology have enabled the in vitro generation of complex 3D structures resembling whole organs, referred to as organoids. The remarkable self-organizing properties of embryonic and adult mammalian stem cells support organoid generation making organoids a promising model for the study of human disease and therapeutic intervention.

The advantages of organoids, to name a few, include

  • the near-physiological model system for basic and translational research,
  • organoids can be expanded indefinitely,
  • they have a capacity to cryopreserve and recover, easily manipulated using established 2D culture techniques (immunofluorescence staining, RNA expression quantification, WB and toxicity assays) and they are more amenable to manipulation of niche components,
  • signalling pathways and genome editing than in vivo models (Fatehullah et al., 2016). 
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The use of embryonic stem cells and induced PSC’s in generating organoids within an ECM is well established (Fatehullah et al., 2016). ATCC recently validated selected human iPSCs and R&D Systems reagents that support the generation and maintenance of gastrointestinal organoids. Read the ATCC Application Note.

In Vitro Technologies’ offer a complete work flow solution to accelerate research using stem cells in organoid generation:

ATCC iPSC’s and eSC’s

R&D Systems Organoid and 3d Culture Reagents

RNA Scope In Situ Hybridisation for Stem Cell Research

To further support researchers looking to generate organoids, R&D Systems has developed a useful guide to find media, matrix components, growth factors, and small molecules for generating your organoid of interest. You can access this resource by clicking here We recommend using this resource as a launching pad for getting organoid research started in your lab!   

ATCC Stem Cell Culture Guide

Learn more about culturing stem cells with the ATCC Stem Cell Culture Guide.  Request a copy by filling in the below form.

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Complete this form to get access to ATCC Stem Culture Guide


rnd systems 3d br 13D Matricies and Assay Kits
R&D Systems has partnered with Trevigen® to offer a range of Cultrex® Basement Membrane Extracts that are ideal for generating organoid and 3-D cultures from pluripotent stem cells and cancer stem cells.

Organoids and Beyond - 3D Tissue in a Dish Webinar
The following webinar, brought to you by Cell Press and Bio-Techne, discusses the exciting implications for organoids in basic biology, regenerative and personalized medicine while also addressing challenges for the field in accurately recapitulating in vivo complexity as well as crosstalk with other components of the microenvironment.

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