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Recombinant proteins and small molecules are routinely used to manipulate signalling pathways in cell culture. Modulating the pathways is important in stem cell research to either maintain a pool of self-renewing, undifferentiated cells, to guide stem cell fate down specific, desired lineages, or more recently to promote de-differentiation of cells and ultimately reprogramming.

The identification and development of new small molecules for stem cell culture is essential to advance research in stem cells and developmental biology.

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A white paper published by Tocris Bioscience reviewed the identification of small molecules for Stem Cell research, along with a collection of the primary developmental pathways targeted by small molecules and involved in stem cell proliferation and differentiation, and the small molecules currently available for targeting these pathways.

Some more recent publications have described the use of small molecules in modulating these developmental pathways, for example a Nature Biotechnology paper by Qi et al. (2017) outlines a small molecule protocol for the accelerated production of early-born cortical neurons from hPSCs, while a paper in Nature Biomedical Engineering uses Tocris and R&D Systems reagents to show that Wnt signaling is sufficient for inducing hPSC-epicardium (Bao etal, Nature Biomedical Engineering 1, Article number: 0003 (2016).

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Learn more about Stem Cell Signalling and the pathways involved with the R&D Systems and Tocris BioScience interactive pathways:

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R&D Systems Development Pathways

R&D Systems Stem Cell Pathways

Tocris Wnt Signalling Pathway

Tocris Notch Signalling Pathway

Learn more about culturing stem cells with the ATCC Stem Cell Culture Guide

Over our 87-year history, ATCC has developed vast expertise in culturing all types of cells. To help researchers get the best results from their stem cell cultures, ATCC has compiled the ATCC® Stem Cell Culture Guide. This guide provides comprehensive protocols for the initiation, maintenance, and cryopreservation of mouse embryonic, human mesenchymal, and human induced pluripotent stem cells. Fill in the below to download the full 39 page guide.

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