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Reactivate the immune system by inhibiting the checkpoint blockade!

In Vitro Technologies expands your Immune Checkpoint Blockade research capabilities

We’ve got you covered to to target multiple cancers in your Immune Checkpoint Blockade research with:

  • The most dependable selection of blocking antibodies
  • Potential drug targets with a wide selection of highly bioactive immunomodulatory proteins
  • B cells, Cytotoxic T cells, and natural killer cells to measure activation by antibodies, adjuvants, or other immunomodulatory substances

Let In Vitro Technologies share their expertise to facilitate more effective immune checkpoint blockade strategies

Supporting Literature

pdf ATCC Primary Immunology Cells

pdf ATCC Primary Immunology Cells

pdf ATCC Tumor Cell Panels Brochures

pdf R&D System Immunology Brochure

pdf ACEA Hallmarks of Cancer Brochure

 ATCC Immunological Research Tools

 R&D Systems Cancer Immunotherapy Research

 ACEA What is Cancer Immunotherapy?

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